How to Mentally Prepare for a Flight

13 Apr

Heading for a vacation this summer? Need to fly for a business trip involving battery connectors? If so, you might not like to entertain the idea of getting on a plane. Whether you are a natural stressor, are afraid of flying, or don’t like to sit that close to people; you will need to mentally prepare for the flight. There are quite a few different things you can do to prepare and we will discuss them in today’s post.

Pack Distractions

Be sure to pack distractions in your carry-on luggage. This includes books, magazines, crossword puzzles, a deck of cards, a sleep mask, a music player, a portable DVD player, headphones, puzzles and anything else that can help distract you. Distractions will play a big role in how well you deal with the flight mentally.

Dress Comfortably

Make sure you dress comfortably for the flight, no matter its length. If you know you will be nervous you will want to be dressed comfortably. Having to sit in that small seat, cramped next to someone else in tight clothes will only make your anxiety worse. Loose, comfortable clothing can make you feel less nervous and even more like you are at home instead of on a plane with Abs plastic.

Stay Hydrated

You need to stay hydrated if you get nervous when flying. This means you should avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, or soda. You also shouldn’t order any alcohol prior to or during the flight. Drink plenty of water or electrolyte drink that can keep you hydrated.

Freshen Up

Try to freshen up during the flight with baby wipes, a toothbrush, and some toothpaste. This is especially important if it is a long flight. You can go to the bathroom for five minutes and go through your normal morning routine.

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